November 6, 2019
KarRC RAS started working within the international project “SEMPRE – Accelerators for Service Co-creation”.
The project is implemented within the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme. KarRC RAS joined the consortium of partners from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia in the fall of 2019.
November 2, 2019
Karelian Research Centre's Secretary for Science Olga Predtechenskaya and Leading Researcher at the Forest Research Institute KarRC RAS Sergey Sin'kevich took part in the fourth annual meeting of the working group on the development of cooperation between Karelia and the Republic of Belarus, which took place at the Karelian Ministry of Economic Development and Industry on October 30th.

One of the topics discussed at the meeting was the potential for cooperation in forestry machines engineering, assessment and use planning of timber and non-timber forest resources.

See info on the Republic of Karelia Ministry of Economic Development and Industry website.